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Sql Backup Software

Sql Backup Software

SQLBackup is entirely free to download and use for everybody, and it is by far the best SQL backup software on the market today. SQLBackup software provides the best bang for your buck by synchronizing economy with quality. You'll indeed get the best of both worlds with SQLBackup software.

The Need for SQLBackup Software

Imagine trying to log into your website, and all your data is gone. Can you imagine the feeling of realizing that all the work you've spent so much time putting together has vanished into thin air? It may seem far-fetched, but unfortunately, database crashes happen all too often. Just Google "lost database," and see for yourself the endless cases where precisely this scenario played out. Don't wait until you lose everything to realize you need reliable SQL backup software.

Thankfully, SQLBackup (or SQLBackupAndFTP) has made the process of backing up your database(s) easier than ever. Even the most novice users can understand how to use, navigate, and manage this software effectively. There's no excuse not to back up your files, and you should be backing them up regularly either manually or by automation. If you're too busy to automatically backup your database(s) frequently, SQLBackup software will allow you to schedule backups online.

Why SQLBackupAndFTP Software is the Best

SQLBackupAndFTP software is free to download, and SQLBackupAndFTP is easy to configure. Configuration can take only a few moments. SQLBackup software creates SQL server database backups, it compresses and securely encrypts your backups, and transfers them to either your local computer or to a drive. Conveniently, SQLBackup software will deliver an e-mail confirmation message reporting on the success (or failure) of backup.

The free version of SQLBackupAndFTP is the most popular version, and it suffices for most users. It offers unlimited ad hoc backups or scheduled backups for one or two databases. However, if you are using an SQLBackup software as part of your development environment, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid version to accommodate your many clients' databases.

Select a Destination for Your Backups

SQLBackup software is dynamic, versatile, and easy-to-use. Often overlooked is the need to decide where you will send your database. Indeed, many users never think about it until SQLBackup software to choose a location prompts them. You have many options, as we touched on earlier. You can backup your database(s) on your local computer, send databases to network folders, external HDD files, and many other locations of your preference.

It is essential to choose a location, not only so you know exactly where you backup is at all times and can access it quickly if the need arises, but it's also crucial to pre-determine your backup destination for another reason. If you are storing your backup on the same disc as your primary database, you'll lose both in the event of a crash. Be smart, and think ahead. Feel free to contact Ibitz today to discuss your SQL backup software needs. 

Sql Backup Software
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Sql Backup Software Sql Backup Software
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